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The who, what, why, and when of triggers. (Please Read)

Triggers occur basically when the lifestream takes some damage or is manipulated in some fashion. It is basically a “slip” of control from the lifestream as it is attempting to suppress knowledge of characters’ pasts in order to prevent the previous battles and near destruction of before. The planet is, in effect, actively withholding characters’ pasts from them so that they cannot use that knowledge to possibly act maliciously toward Gaia.

Interference from Marough is what causes these slips of control from Gaia, and that is why the triggers occur. Without Marough messing with the lifestream, then Gaia would continue to keep a firm hold on the past, and there would be no way within this universe for characters to access their past life information (or, at least, no reason for them to attempt to, generally speaking). If it were not for Marough, then none of this stuff would be happening.

When a trigger occurs, it releases some information about the character’s past, and it is normally very little information at a time. It was intended to be a slow process so that characters had time to build up relationships and friendships in the hope that when the shit hit the fan, it didn’t all explode and crumble down into old enemies trying to kill each other, but instead allowing for some ability to work together.

If everyone found out everything right now, then it would more likely than not all come crashing down and there’d probably just be infighting.

We are not actively trying to stifle anyone, but we have a plan- a rather nebulous and amorphous plan, to be honest- but we do have a basic outline. It’s a story, and you don’t reveal everything in the first chapter, you build up to it and find things out slowly. This is what we are striving for. No, we’re not perfect and neither is anyone else, and mistakes do happen. But we are trying to keep some semblance of a plan here. We have a reason for things coming slowly, but if events/knowledge/etc that is planned to occur in a trigger comes out now, then that trigger becomes redundant and useless, no longer “special.” It becomes meaningless as a plot point if the knowledge it’s releasing is revealed befor it occurs.

Now, we welcome questions.

We also welcome suggestions or requests. Reasonable requests can be made and we are more than willing to look into something. If you want your character to have or know something for a particular reason, we would be happy to hear why and discuss it.
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