Rufus Shinra (fear_darknation) wrote in afterlife_rpooc,
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A-con fun-ness~! <3

Rufus just posted that he'll be going to Kalm on business. Well, so yes, he'll be gone for the weekend. As a matter of fact, the whole reason behind this is because I'll be gone (out-of-town) this weekend.

I'm going to an anime convention!!! Yay!! I'm excited. Hehe. It'll be fun! It's my first one to get to go to, so I'm really happy. Anyway, this just means I won't be around starting tomorrow, past the entire weekend, and up to either Monday or Tuesday. Not sure when I'll be ready to start posting again. Heh.

Well, sorry guys. But there's the warning. I'll make a note when I get back. ^^ Don't have too much fun without me...! XD
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