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afterlife_rpooc's Journal

Afterlife Reborn FFVII:AC AU OOC
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This is the OOC community for afterlife_rpg

MODly Smack down Rules

30 Minute Rule: Once a decision has been made, you have 30 minutes to argue your case. If, once those 30 minutes are up and you have not presented any reason sufficient to change the MODs' minds, the issue is dropped and the decision stands as agreed.

If the MODs feel that a point is being pushed, argued, or whined about just for the sake of it, without any real substance being brought to the fore, we reserve the right to end discussion before the 30 minutes has elapsed.

The 30 minutes starts upon agreement to discuss the issue.

3 Strikes Rule: A player will be given 3 warnings, or strikes, before being ejected from the game. Warnings will be issued for RP rules infractions, character or MOD harassment, GOD-modding, etc. You will be warned when issued a strike, either through AIM chat or e-mail (whichever is most convenient and easiest to reach you). Strikes cannot be removed once they have been acquired. Any infractions from the past are wiped clean but from now on, strikes will be tallied. You will be given a chance to discuss the reason for the strike, and to bring up any evidence or reasoning which may negate the warning in case there are extenuating circumstances of which the MODs are not aware. However, once discussed, MOD decision is final, and the strike may not be argued again.

Everyone starts out with no strikes so please don’t be in any hurry to get some.

Any other concerns should be brought to the MODs for discussion.