Yuffie (shallow_butcute) wrote in afterlife_rpooc,


Um, anyone wanna scene with Yuffie? She really needs some friends, haha... I promise she's not NORMALLY as bitchy as her recent posts would imply, just a little... stubborn and bluntly honest? Hehe. XD
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Yay! I've been looking for you online to try and set up an RP with you! I would love for our characters to meet up!

I had a few questions and inquiries about your Yuffie to possibly set up a designated meeting instead of the random, "ZOMG, I run into you randomly on the street" kind of deals.

Any chance of catching you on AIM at any point?
Sure, sounds awesome! Especially if we can set up something not totally random, haha.

I'm usually on starting at 8-9pm EST until 2-3am, but I can be on some other time, usually, if something else is better for you. My SN is xladyturk0x, so... yeah. Hopefully I'll catch you sometime tonight!